barre de protéines végétaliennes fermentées | fraise pistache

La barre protéinée ultime qui est fermentée pour une meilleure digestion, une absorption maximale des protéines et pas de ballonnement ! Chaque barre vous fournit 14 grammes de protéines pour des muscles forts et sains et la satiété plus 7 grammes de fibres (32% DV).

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14 grammes de protéines

14 grammes de protéines fermentées provenant de chanvre bio, de germes de quinoa bio, de luzerne, de spiruline bio et de germes de haricot mungo.

7 grammes de fibres

Les fibres vous permettent de rester rassasié plus longtemps. Comprend également des fibres prébiotiques pour soutenir une flore intestinale saine.

Parfait après le gym ou collation sur le pouce

Cette barre protéinée est un moyen idéal pour faire le plein lorsque vous êtes en déplacement ! Les protéines vous aident à vous sentir rassasié plus longtemps et soutiennent des muscles sains et forts.

Libre de

Végétalien et sans gluten. Sans colorants, arômes, édulcorants et ingrédients OGM artificiels.

Customer Reviews

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Wayne Smith
Great mid-morning snack

First, I am a fan of these healthy vegan protein bars. I only eat some chicken or fish once a day and find the bar a nice mid-morning protein supplement that meets my daily protein requirements. However, even though this bar was OK; my favorite by far is the lemon-coconut vegan bar.

Hi Wayne,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback with us! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our fermented vegan protein bars.

Keep well,


Kim Letourneau
Love it! Not too sweet!

Love it! Not too sweet!

Ajay Kalra
Best tasting protein bar in Canada

I found this bar first at the Real Canadian Superstore in North Vancouver. It is the best in taste and texture of any bars I have found in Canada. The Blueberry and Cherry ones are the next best (unfortunately, seems like they have been discontinued), and the peanut butter most reliable. Mixing PB bar with one of the berry bars in the same bite was a delight. Anywho, pistachio strawberry remains the best single flavor. (I lived in USA for 15 years, and have tasted every bar. This matches the best.)

Anna Cooper
One of the best bars on the market

Genius flavour. The fresh tasting strawberry and pistachio combo is really delicious. Dense and chewy texture that requires you to eat a little slower, a little soft but not too much. Won't crumble on you. My favourite of the fermented protein bars although I haven't tried them all yet. I always look forward to having one. Easily digestible and satisfying. No strange aftertaste.

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