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Double your joy with this mood-boosting bundle.

Each bundle includes 1x omega3+ joy, an omega-3 fish oil specially formulated to provide daily mood support, plus 1x advanced gut health probiotic mood, which helps to reduce stress and fatigue.

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This Bundle will Boost Mood and Help You Fight Stress

Bundle includes 1 advanced gut health probiotic mood (30 capsules) + 1 omega3 + JOY (120 capsules).

Includes a Fish Oil for Daily Mood Support

Our bestselling omega3+ joy enhances your mood and fights against seasonal blues for pure, natural joy from the inside, out. Bundle includes a 30-day supply.

Includes A Probiotic Made to Support You During Stressful Times

advanced gut health probiotic mood is an extra-strength probiotic made to reduce stress and fatigue, improve sleep quality and support emotional health in just 28 days. Bundle includes a 30-day supply.

Try Them Together for Mood & Stress Support

This bundle boosts mood and helps you deal with those stressful times that life may throw at you, for a difference you will feel.

Healthy Gut = Healthy Mind

Your gut is often called your “second brain.” Combining probiotics and omega-3 fish oils can help to feed your gut with the nutrition it needs for optimal gut and brain health.
Probiotics and omega-3 fish oils work together to amplify the benefits of each! Omega-3 fish oils can help probiotics thrive in your gut, and probiotics can help increase key fatty acids from fish oils in the brain. With omega3+ joy and advanced gut health probiotic mood, you double your joy!

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