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When your kids are healthy, they are full of energy and curiosity and their natural personality shines through. This Essential Nutrition bundle will help your children feel their best. Think of it as an insurance policy that your children are getting the nutrition they need for healthy development, better focus, a healthy immune system, blue light support and so much more.  

Bundle includes 1x advanced gut health probiotic kids, 1x fermented organic gut superfoods+ kids, 1x omega3 kids +D3 and 1x SoYoung Cacti Desert Lunch Box. 

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chewable probiotics for kids

Build your child’s healthy gut flora for better digestion and immune support. This shelf-stable, multi-strain probiotic was made with strains specially chosen to support a child’s gut and immune health. It’s chewable and the lemonade flavour tastes great!

fermented organic gut superfoods+ for kids

Boost your child’s nutrition with this whole food and prebiotic-loaded superfood! Made with 22 organic fruits & veggies including organic kale, organic cauliflower, organic sweet potato, organic pomegranate and prebiotics.

Your kids will love the natural grape flavour shaken with water or juice, blended into a smoothie or mixed into recipes like energy bites!

omega3 +D3 for kids

Balance your child’s omega-3s for healthy development. Each serving of omega3 kids +D3 contains EPA & DHA plus D3 for healthy development of your child’s bones, teeth and nervous system, with added lutein for support from blue light. Bonus! This formula helps protect you child against blue light.

SoYoung Cacti Desert Lunch Box

Healthy lunch... to go! This super cute lunch box has a removable insulated interior that makes it easy to clean. A detachable long strap allows it to be worn as a messenger bag or backpack, and there’s an inside tag for your little to write their superhero name!

Bonus! Raising Healthy Snackers e-book by Joyous Health

As a bonus, you’ll get a FREE digital download of Joy’s Raising Healthy Snackers e-book! This e-book includes 11 healthy snack recipes that your little one will love. The book includes plenty of helpful tips and tricks, plus a handy shopping list to make things easy.

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Elyse Campbell
My 3 yo loves it!

My 3 year old asks for his daily “vitamins” now. Great feedback so far. Keeps him regular and healthy. Pleasant taste that even a picky eater will love

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