Heavy Metal Testing

Recent publications have reported protein supplements contain high levels of heavy metals.

How do heavy metals, like arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury end up in our protein powders? They’re not by-products of the manufacturing process, heavy metals are elements of the earth, and are present in our air, water and soil. Because they exist in our environment, heavy metals can naturally be absorbed by plants as they grow – and can therefore find their way into our food supply.

We are committed to your health and safety and keep abreast of the latest news so you can always feel comfortable taking our products. 

We have known about the concerns of heavy metals in vegetable proteins for quite some time and because of this, we had already taken extra steps to ensure our products are within government safety standards.

vegan proteins+

vegan proteins+ is considered a natural health product (NHP) and as such is tested to ensure that it is below the allowed limits of Health Canada NHPD standards. 

fermented organic vegan proteins+

fermented organic vegan proteins+ is considered a food and the testing requirements are different than a natural health product (NHP). We randomly test fermented organic vegan proteins+ for heavy metals and monitor the results to ensure product safety. We also test for microbial purity and allergens such as gluten.

Genuine Health is a Canadian company and we comply with the NHPD (a branch of Health Canada). What this means to you is that we are regulated and we are required to test and meet standards or our products will not be made available for sale. These standards not only include allowable levels for heavy metals but also other contaminants including microbes, PCBs, pesticides and more. We even go beyond this when it comes to testing, randomly checking other key metrics such as non-GMO status, allergens and phenolics. In all cases, at a minimum our products meet government testing standards, but in most cases our products test below Health Canada limits showing our commitment to providing our customers with premium products.

Our US customers can rest assured that these high standards are applied to all Genuine Health products sold in the US. In terms of heavy metal limits, Health Canada standards are far more stringent than the FDA, who has no established limits. In contrast, Health Canada specifies maximum limits for each of the 4 heavy metals individually (arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury) based on mcg per kilogram of body weight.  This more stringent requirement that each specific heavy metal has a maximum provides a higher level of protection for our consumers.

At Genuine Health, quality, safety and efficacy are of utmost importance and therefore we have the following rigorous processes in place to ensure our products are safe for consumers.

Our Ingredient Mandate:

  • Only the purest, highest quality ingredients are used. We purchase brown rice protein from multiple suppliers and constantly monitor our raw materials, taking appropriate steps to reduce any contaminant risks and improve efficacy

Our Commitment to Quality:

  • We invest in comprehensive 3rd party/independent testing for all products, from the raw material stage through to the finished product
  • Only products that are safe and legal for use in terms of microbial levels, heavy metals, pesticide and solvent residues, other unacceptable contaminants (e.g. antibiotic residue), and allergens are made available for sale

 Our Commitment to Science:

  • We base our ingredient selection, formulation and testing on fact, not hype. Genuine Health constantly monitors the market and is aware of common adulterants and thus always takes appropriate steps to assure none are present in the raw materials we use. Genuine Health will not stand idly by and wait for new regulations to be set in place. Genuine Health has always had a proactive approach to such matters

For more than 25 years we have operated with the highest principles at heart and are proud to stand behind our products and their quality. Our products can be consumed with confidence – every bottle of every product is safe and effective.

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