4 Ways to Feel Great Over the Holidays 

4 Ways to Feel Great Over the Holidays 
It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But no matter how healthy we start the season, holiday treats around the office, stress over holiday shopping, those late nights with rich holiday food and drink can leave us feeling stressed, sleep deprived and less like our healthy and vibrant selves by the time that first gift is opened.

We don’t believe in telling you to deprive yourself. No way! Instead, we’re sharing our favourite recipes and tips to feel your very best throughout the busy holiday season… and well into the new year.

Dream on

A proper night’s sleep does more than help you feel refreshed the next day. A good sleep can help to reduce hormones that make you want to eat when you aren’t even hungry and encourage hormones that help you feel relaxed and satiated! Try to find a nightly ritual to wind down. Then aim for 7-9 hours of sleep per night.


Wake and shake

The holidays can tempt us with home-baked sweets and other rich treats. Our solution during this time of year (and every day) is to start with a veggie- and fruit-packed smoothie for breakfast, with added protein to squash cravings throughout the day. Right now, our favourite is the Green Energy Smoothie, which is not only loaded with fresh spinach and protein, but is also rich and creamy thanks to mango and avocado, with a bit of spice from fresh ginger.

Side-step hangovers

A late night or hangover means that you’re less likely to make that workout class you booked. While we’re not going to tell you to say no to that festive cocktail, we will share our tried and true hangover helper: Mix a scoop of greens+ daily detox (which supports both phases of liver detoxification) in water and take with a capsule of advanced gut health probiotic. Try it after you get home from that party or the next morning—and you’ll have no problem making your Pilates class.

Relax & enjoy

Why say no when you can make your favourite indulgences healthier? While adding collagen to your favourite cocktail won’t magically make it virtuous, it can help to prevent against collagen loss. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, helping to give strength and stability to your skin, muscles and bones. So drink our collagen-infused Maple Old Fashioned with your friends and family and enjoy this short season. Cheers!

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