6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Body!

6 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Body!
It is officially spring – time for spring cleaning! Clearing away dust and clutter aligns with welcoming back the warmth, light and freshness of spring!

Right up there with spring cleaning, comes spring cleansing. Sprucing up one’s health routine is an invigorating shift that often happens organically with the arrival of Spring. We crave less of the richer foods from winter and more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. We also enjoy more of the great outdoors and become more active, naturally clearing and lightening the body.

BUT in the age of instant gratification and information, and with a plethora of products and programs available, most people want to step it up a notch. Many fasting regimens, products such as activated charcoal, juice cleanses and detox teas come with the promise of weight loss, glowing skin and skyrocketing energy – but can something intense and short term really resonate in your health?

Jumping into an extreme cleanse after months, or even years of less-than-stellar lifestyle habits means that the body may not be equipped with adequate nutrient stores to call upon, so weakness and headache may result, instead of the expected “glow.” Also, these products and programs aren’t one-size-fits-all and can often be too harsh for many people’s constitutions.

That’s not to say that toxin exposure isn’t an issue: every day we are exposed to a whole host of toxins, exhaust fumes, medications, cosmetics, cleaning supplies and plastics, just to name a few, that can accumulate over time, causing a variety of health problems.

But, one of the (many) cool things about our body, is that it has the ability to efficiently detox. Each day your body naturally detoxifies though the kidneys, gastrointestinal system and other organs of elimination such as the skin and lungs. But the most prominent organ associated with body detoxification is by far the liver where the processing of toxins takes place in 2 phases:

  • phase I – processes toxic compounds to make them more water soluble

  • phase II – involves the release and elimination of toxins from the body

For these phases to work efficiently – the body needs maintenance, which comes in the form of nutrition, hydration and exercise!

Daily practices are by far more sustainable and bring greater long-term results. With intense cleansing programs, you are more likely to get burnt out and maybe go too far! Here are 6 ways to incorporate healthy, naturally-detoxifying habits into your life!


The most basic habit of the health-conscious is hydrating with plenty of good quality water. Water is essential to the functioning of every cell and metabolic function in the body, ensuring healthy elimination and everyday detoxification. So, how much do you need? A common recommendation by health authorities is the 8X8 rule: eight 8-ounce glasses a day, but if you want to get technical, there are plenty of hydration calculators online. Also remember that caffeinated and alcoholic beverages create a water deficit, so remember to offset each one with a glass of water.

“Let food be thy medicine,” “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and so on…

Healthy food = healthy, natural detoxification = healthy body. An Instagram-worthy grocery haul of vibrant, fresh produce will load your body with phytonutrients – nutrients unique to fruit and vegetables that act as powerful allies in neutralizing free radicals and disarming toxic compounds. As a rule – fresh, organic produce will assist with your body’s detox pathways, and provide fibre to help with the physical elimination, but there are foods from all food groups that support each phase of liver detoxification. A few include:

  • phase I – dark leafy greens, nuts, brewer’s yeast, cauliflower, organ meats, egg yolk, berries, beets

  • phase II – bone broth, meats, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, parsley and onions

Clean up your diet!

…and on the flip side of healthy shopping – bid adieu what is not serving your health! Grocery stores are a far cry from their humble origins of local markets. You can choose pre-made versions of baked goods, frozen meals, processed everything etc., but sometimes too much choice is not a good thing. If a food you eat doesn’t “spark joy” in your body, then pass on it.

Fortify your nutrition

The right supplement can offer valuable support in keeping your body’s detoxification on track. Concentrated phytonutrients are the health-heroes in the greens+ formula – proven to provide energy, offer antioxidant protection and promote a healthy pH! greens+ also contains targeted ingredients for healthy detoxification, including milk thistle extract, standardized to contain 80% silymarin, a compound that both prevents liver destruction and enhances liver function and regeneration! You can also gently and safely up the detox ante with greens+ daily detox with a specific blend of ingredients that address both phases of liver detoxification, to ensure that toxins are eliminated safely and efficiently from the body.

Spend time in nature

Get out there! Fresh air, sunlight and adventure await. Movement, deep breathing – and yes, sweat – help the body release toxins. Not only that, but regular exposure to outside environments has been proven to positively affect stress levels and mental health AND supports a healthy diversity of your microbiome – all of which are important to overall health from a holistic perspective.

Make health habitual to detox every day!

Healthy, happy people have habits! Research has shown that people who make their beds, or exercise first thing are more content. Also, small habits lay the groundwork for inspiring other good habits. This is what inspired the greens+ formula – a small, daily boost that provides your body with powerful plant powered nourishment that energizes you, and inspires you to improve your health every day!
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