Taking the Testimonial to the Test-Tube: Natural Health Supplements and Research

Taking the Testimonial to the Test-Tube: Natural Health Supplements and Research
The word “Research” is thrown around a lot. We hear it frequently in the news about everything from global warming or space exploration, and constantly in advertisements for over-the-counter medications and the latest pharmaceuticals. But how does research it fit into your natural supplement routine?

Research is a big part of differentiating quality between supplements: to calculate appropriate potency, and to analyze how ingredients work in isolation, or in conjunction with other compounds as part of a formula. There are a wide variety of suppliers that offer different versions of the same single-ingredient products that may look similar on the label: one may simply be a powdered version of a given ingredient, and another may be premium quality and standardized to contain consistent levels of active ingredients.  What the average consumer doesn’t realize is that one version of the same ingredient is backed by research while the other version isn’t.  The bottom line: research can define if your supplement will actually work for you

Health Canada's Natural Health Product Directorate has guided the Natural Health industry toward research in order to establish essential standards of safety and acceptable claims. But if products look similar on label, are they all really the same?  This is why finished-product testing is important - research cuts through all the noise and the games on labels!  So empower yourself, ask questions and find out if the supplements that you take are backed by research.

But what about anecdotal evidence? Research illuminates the testimonial and the test-tube: as a voice of proof and authority that differentiates superior products from the inferior amidst the modern similarities of labeling. Properly-controlled scientific studies provide proof of efficacy and proof of pathways by which a product works, they validate “reviews” and instill consumer confidence – for good reason!

Research is one of the pillars Genuine Health stands upon, and the first product we introduced – greens+ - remains the only green food supplement to be backed by 3rd party research studies.

To date, greens+ has been the subject of 9 scientific research studies in multiple categories: e.g. alkaline effects in human volunteers, physiological mechanisms at the cellular level that explain its ability to support energy, enhancement of human antioxidant defense, ability to promote bone integrity. University-based human research shows that the antioxidants in greens+ are not only plentiful, but incredibly well-absorbed. In addition there have been numerous test-tube studies that serve to provide further support to human research.

greens+ is a great example of how research helps you navigate cluttered categories of natural health products, but research is up to you too! Look into the brands and products you buy. Understand the quality policies and look carefully at ingredient labels. Don’t waste your money or worse - risk your health - on inferior products.
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