Can We Save the World from Home?

Can We Save the World from Home?
April is Earth Month, and while we may be spending more time inside these days and may not be able to gather in nature, to pick up trash or plant trees (at least not right now). We can still do good.

We were inspired to think of some of the ways we're making a positive impact on the environment as a result of working from home, so we asked the team to share what they’re doing.

Less Food Waste

"I'm being more mindful about using what I have before running out to grab more of something. It can actually be fun shopping my cupboards and finding uses for things that I would have otherwise let sit in there." -Andrea

"I'm more conscious of food waste and am using up those leftovers." -Ashley

"For sure less waste in this house! Using up all the food in the fridge before it goes bad and using up lots of pantry items that normally sit in the cupboards for months." -Brynn

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

"For me, it's cutting down on meat consumption for sure, and turning to reusable household supplies instead of single-use." -Michael

"The kids are using items for art projects that would otherwise be recycled." -Julie

Conscious Energy Use

"Even though I'm used to working from home I've been more aware of my electricity use and have been trying to take advantage of natural light during the day. And my 20lb kitty has been making a solid effort at rationing his food... and has lost .5lbs in the process!" -Maddie

"Since I've started working from home my laundry has been cut in half! As video conferencing only includes your upper body." -Liam

"Less laundry! Business on top and yoga pants on bottom." -Natasha

Making More with Less

"Taking the time to make more home-cooked meals is huge for me and my family! Doing it avoids takeout containers, as buying things in convenience has more packaging. My recycling bin is not as full (LOL). I also haven't used my car once, which means less gas and I often walk places now. Plus, since the whole family is at home, we are playing board games every night, so less electricity being used for Wifi, TV etc is actually building better family dynamics for sure." -Lisa

"When I do shop, I make sure to buy from brands that are doing something for the environment, or have aligned values to mine. I'd rather buy from companies that are doing good." -Piper

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