Kicking Coffee with the Help of greens+

Kicking Coffee with the Help of greens+
The most common health complaints I see in my practice pertain to digestion, energy, immune dysfunction, mood disorders and general low vitality. Before I begin treating any patient, I make sure that their diet is not only adequate for their particular lifestyle, but gives them the nutrients and nutritional makeup to support all the systems in the body, including any deficiencies or imbalances. In the fast paced culture which we all now live, it can be challenging to find the time and energy to sustain this good nutrition. So I find the most effective and sustainable suggestion I can give my patients looking to augment their health (and alongside a very personalized treatment plan, which can include many different modalities), I look to greens+ products to help us get quick and noticeable results. Nothing packs a nutritional punch quite like greens+ due to the amazing ingredients- providing us with unparalleled antioxidant content, vitamins and minerals.

To put my greens+ experience into a personal context, I recently gave up coffee after having relied on it heavily to get me through Naturopathic College (sounds hypocritical, I know!). I felt my energy dip as my blood sugar levels were trying to regulate themselves and the withdrawal of the caffeine was affecting my adrenals as well as down-regulating the excitatory neurotransmitters in my brain (quite literally caffeine excited the brain cells, giving us that notorious caffeine "buzz"). To support my liver, adrenals as well as to give myself an extra energetic support, I started taking my greens+ consistently every morning, replacing that cup of java. I found within 4 days, I no longer even thought about my coffee (except for maybe the very comforting act of making it). My skin was clearer, my bloating had reduced (another common and lovely side effect of coffee withdrawal) and generally I felt less sluggish. And as routine is everything, greens+ filled that hole in my heart where my french press had lived for so long.

In my practice and with my patients, I find greens+ to be so helpful for a plethora of ailments and concerns. One in particular I will share: A female patient of mine in her late 20s had been suffering from acid reflux for over 3 years. She had been on a prescription medication for 2 of those years and was at her wit's end. She had all of the proper diagnostic testing done and nothing could be found in her upper digestive tract to explain the chronicity of her symptoms. She also complained of fatigue, anxiety and bloating. On the first visit, we tested her salivary pH which was 4.5 (VERY acidic). After our 2nd visit together, I prescribed greens+ every morning on an empty stomach and again mid-afternoon around 3pm. After only 1 week of taking the greens+ along with a probiotic, my patient was finally noticing some relief from the chronic reflux. She was able to eat foods that she had not been able to touch for years and finally felt like she was making some headway. Now, after almost 6 months (and commitment to her protocol on her part), she is off of her medication and finally feeling energetic (not to mention her salivary pH is 7.4!). The shift in her digestion and seeing improvements in her health attributed to her also feeling decreased anxiety.

greens+ truly is a special product. While I always recommend trying to get all medicine through food, it is just not realistic today due to environmental changes, hectic schedules and lack of time. These products are truly the next best thing to the natural medicine Mother Earth provides us, as they are all derived from her bounty!


Information provided by Dr. Katherine Kremblewski, ND is intended to be general in nature, and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a Naturopathic Doctor or Family Doctor. The advice is intended to offer only a general basis for individuals to discuss their medical condition with their health care provider. Always consult your licensed Naturopathic Doctor or health care provider.
Dr. Katherine Kremblewski ND
Dr. Katherine Kremblewski ND

Dr. Kat Kremblewski is a Naturopathic Doctor and owner of FloraWellness, a boutique health clinic in the heart of Yorkville. FloraWellness is a calm and healing environment in which every aspect of your health is addressed. With a keen interest in digestive, immune and hormone health, Dr. Kremblewski provides thorough and detailed treatment plans, working closely with her patients to help them achieve their goals. Using therapies such as herbal medicine, vitamins, acupuncture, and therapeutic counseling, Dr. Kremblewski ensures you see quick yet lasting results.

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