Body Weight HIIT Workout

Body Weight HIIT Workout
Body weight workouts are amazing because there is no excuse to not be moving your body! My top 3 reasons for doing it myself, coaching it and sharing it are:

  1. Beginner to athlete, regardless of what your level is, you can always get value out of this style of training.

  2. Anytime, anywhere, all you need is your body and a little space to move in, it could be at home, at the gym or better yet, outside.

  3. Focus can be on the movement, conditioning or both, depending on the amount of time you have and how your body is feeling you can control your intensity. Dial it up or dial it down depending on your fitness level.

Here’s a great body weight workout to try. Do 10 reps of each movement and repeat the series four times. Choose your level, pick a time, find a place and set your intensity.

Inch Worm to Jump

Starting at the bottom of your squat, with a flat back, walk your hands down to be on all fours. From here, walk out to plank position and then reverse that movement back to the bottom of your squat, heels down. In a loaded position, jump up and then land in a low squat so that you can continue the movement from the bottom of your squat. Try to have no wasted movement and be fluid in your transition from start to finish.


Alternating Curtsey Lunge

Starting in a neutral but athletic position, begin by shifting your weight into your right foot and the right side of your body, as you transition step your left leg in behind your right and land in a lunge position, from here and you pull out of your lunge, step your left foot down, shift your weight and transition the same movement to your other side and then back again.


Push up to Mountain Climber

Starting in a high plank position, come down into your pushup, as you rise up to high plank, drive your right knee to your right elbow, drive your left knee to your left elbow and then back down into your push up, as you rise up repeat the knee drives to each elbow.


Lunge Pendulum

Starting in a neutral but athletic position, begin by stepping your right leg back into a reverse lunge, also focus on your left leg which will temporarily be your anchor leg, pulling through your left leg and then stepping into a forward lunge with your right leg. Come back to neutral and then repeat the same movement on your other leg, going from reverse lunge to forward lunge on each side, trying to step through the middle each time and landing softly as you transition front to back, side to side.

This is a challenging workout, so don’t be afraid to slow down to control the intensity. Remember: any movement is better than no movement.


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