Green your Gut: How Phytonutrients Nourish your Gut Ecology

Green your Gut: How Phytonutrients Nourish your Gut Ecology
Did you know that there is a crucial link between our health and the colours of nature that you may not know about? It begins in our gut…

Everyone lives with their own personal microbiome, a highly diverse ecosystem we co-exist in and on our bodies. Best known is our intestinal flora, an inner garden of thousands of species of microorganisms that are so important to our health, it practically functions as a vital organ!

So, what are these microscopic allies doing for our health, exactly? Well, they help us to digest and assimilate nutrients from the food that we eat, generate valuable metabolites, support digestive processes, keep our skin clear and bright, contribute to a healthy immune system, shape our mood and cognitive function, and even influence our body composition. In other words, they affect every facet of our health and wellbeing.

Many of us know that probiotics are helpful in seeding our gut with healthy microbes. But there is much more you can do to support these microbes – diet plays a major role in feeding and balancing bacterial colonies, and dietary links of certain foods have been established for cultivating healthy bacterial colonies. One finding is that phytonutrients – the naturally occurring chemicals that give healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs their colours (like green!), tastes and textures – are contributing to a healthy gut ecosystem with thriving, diverse groups of microbes!

While it is no surprise that fruits and vegetables are as good for our bacterial buddies as they are for us, how do they do it? Phytonutrients can help promote the growth of beneficial microbial species such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli, and promote health microbial generation of metabolites – nutrition broken down to travel through the bloodstream for use by cells all throughout the body. This love goes both ways, as the presence of beneficial, diverse microbes help us get the most out of our dietary phytonutrients by ensuring that they are better absorbed and transferred throughout the body. In fact, the bioavailability of phytonutrients can be increased by over 100% when diverse microbes are present. Put simply, phytonutrients promote the growth of friendly bacteria and friendly bacteria help us better use our phytonutrients!

Unfortunately, despite the modern convenience of grocery stores laden with produce from all seasons and corners of the world…  it’s harder to source phytonutrients! In their natural state, phytonutrient-rich foods can be very bitter, astringent and acrid; through botanical science and agricultural techniques they have been selectively reduced in foods to appease the delicate North American palate. Also, for most of us, variety is missing! Consuming a wide variety of COLOURFUL plant foods can help maximize phytonutrient intake. But just four foods make up the “bulk” (2/3) of North American phytonutrient intake: tomato, orange, carrot and strawberry. While these are all delicious, healthy choices - we need more!

Here is where supplements other than probiotics can help, like greens+. greens+ provides not only a healthy dose of phytonutrients, but a wide spectrum that that can nourish the gut bacteria promoting healthy populations, longevity and diversity. In fact, University of Toronto researchers found that greens+ was extremely diverse in a variety of phytochemicals, and particular potent in quercetin, apigenin, kaempferol and luteolin. Phytonutrients like these also keep the intestinal lining in optimal form, minimizing the risk of ‘leaky gut’ that the modern lifestyle leaves us vulnerable to.

Not any green food supplement will do! Many of these powdered green products provide a quick blast of concentrated fruits, vegetables, grasses etc., but It takes expertise in nutrition and formulation to get the PERFECT BALANCE of plant nutrients from fruits, vegetables and botanical extracts to offer the body therapeutic nutrition. It’s not just about plant nutrition – it’s about plant POWERED nutrition that the nourishing, energizing, proven blend of 23 plant-rich ingredients in every serving of greens+  provides for convenient, concentrated nutrition every day. Giving you not just a healthy body – but also a healthy microbiome!

PSSST – Don’t forget about your probiotic!  advanced gut health probiotic seeds your gut with more beneficial strains of bacteria – 15 strains of Bifido and Lacto bacteria that mimic healthy human gut flora, to be exact! The targeted formula and unique delivery method also helps microbial populations to grown and flourish, again, supporting populations and diversity! greens+ and advanced gut health probiotic are a perfect match for a healthy gut.


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