#LiveGenuine 'Scopes

#LiveGenuine 'Scopes

It's looking like the stars are aligned with your healthy lifestyle! As Virgo season commences it's only right you cure your end of summer blues with a healthy and organized schedule, that includes some of our supplements. Here's what the cosmos are saying you need this season based on your element.

Virgo | Taurus | Capricorn

As the resident down-to-earth and routine oriented element the Advanced Gut Health Mood Supporting Probiotic is the perfect source to your consistency. One capsule a day, from this extra strength probiotic, delivers 15 balanced probiotic strains for gut and emotional health plus Extramel™ melon juice concentrate. This is proven to help reduce stress and keep up your patterned quality of life.

Aries | Leo | Sagittarius

Your bold, outgoing and dynamic nature calls for greens+ extra energy. The energy boosting herbs, plants, vitamins, amino acids and minerals are perfect for your active lifestyle. Put down that espresso shot, and give greens+ extra energy a try for when you need that boost to keep up with your countless adventures.

Aquarius | Gemini | Libra

Always on the go and taking risks, every Air sign needs a fermented organic vegan protein, and obviously sweeten things up with the vanilla flavour. This is a protein that fuels your goals without slowing you down. Your active and out-going lifestyle will love the support of lean muscle mass, muscle recovery and feeling fuller in between your various dinner plans with no bloating.

Cancer | Scorpio | Pisces

What would a water sign do without a little hydration to stimulate their intuitive and observant demeanor? The marine collagen unflavoured is the perfect answer to improve skin, mobile joints and healthy hair. Your thirst for youthful qualities is a match for this collagen enriched supplement that mixes well into hot or cold liquids adding to the mystery you can’t help but exude.
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