Why We Need Fermentation More Than Ever!

Why We Need Fermentation More Than Ever!
Fermentation’s popularity is growing in culinary and nutritional circles – but it’s been around for a LOOOONG time! It has been used on grains, meats, honey, seafood, dairy, fruits and vegetables in diets across the globe for millennia. Not only was it practical for preservation, our ancestors quickly recognized its unique nutritional and digestive benefits!

But…. why should we care about fermentation now?

    • The Standard North American (SAD) diet of processed and refined food is severely lacking in essential nutrients.

    • Industrial agriculture has depleted soil of both nutrients and beneficial bacteria, and transporting food over long distances, further reduces nutrient potency.

    • A cultural fear of bacteria, heavy reliance on antibiotics, rampant use of chemical cleansers, has resulted in over-sanitization.

This trifecta has damaged our food supply, our digestive health and the essential bacteria in and on our bodies - our microbiome – resulting in the rise of dietary sensitivities, allergies, digestive issues, and chronic disease in our culture.

We need fermentation more than ever! Which is why we set out to bring the first full line of fermented supplements to market and become the FERMENTATION EXPERTS.

With Fermentation – you Nourish More, Digest More, and Absorb More!

How? Because Fermentation:

    • Partially breaks foods down to rid them of “anti-nutrients”- physical or chemical features which inhibit nutrient absorption, thus readying them for effective human digestion

    • Increases food’s bioavailability by “unlocking” vitamins, minerals, amino acids and carbohydrates.

    • Amplifies the nutritional value of foods by increasing, and even generating nutrients.

    • Improves digestive health by supporting a strong gut ecology, helping allergies, food sensitivities, weight management, inflammation, skin health, mood and immunity.

With Genuine Health’s fermented supplement line - you can make fermentation part of your daily diet. Meet the fermented family:

fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+ - the FIRST fermented complete superfood!

A revolutionary fermented superfood formula that provides the fundamental nourishment for the building blocks of life: phytonutrients, protein, fibre, essential fatty acids and more, all while supporting healthy gut bacteria! Our unique fermentation process results in an advanced superfood supplement, providing superior absorption of fermented protein, fermented fibre, fermented plant foods, essential fatty acids, and proven ingredients that target and benefit key body systems, all while advancing digestive health!

Genuine Health Fermented Proteins:

With protein supplements, consumers think the more protein the better. But label promises of high protein doesn’t necessarily mean that “what you see is what you get”.

It all comes down to QUALITY and how effectively the protein can be digested and absorbed by your body.

As the fermentation process transforms proteins into readily available amino acids, the body can immediately use them to fuel energy, muscles, and nourish a healthy gut lining! This process is evolving protein supplements – so that they build digestive health and contribute to a strong gut and robust, balanced ecology of beneficial bacteria which our body needs to function optimally, and better absorb nutrients from our diet.

fermented vegan proteins+ fuels the body with a complete spectrum of amino acids from 7 high-quality, hypoallergenic, fully fermented vegan ingredients: pea, brown rice, hemp, quinoa, alfalfa, spirulina, and mung beans. 20g of highly absorbable plant-powered protein – with NO BLOAT!

It’s all in the technique!

As with fermented whole body NUTRITON with greens+artisanal methods are used to ferment each protein source in fermented vegan proteins+ to “unlock” their full nutritional potential. The result are fermented protein products that is digested and absorbed with ease, with no gas or bloating!

Plus, the benefits of Genuine Health fermented supplements are 100% portable! Unlike fermented foods, the formulas are temperature stable, maintaining all of its benefits on-the-go. Make sure you try our delicious protein bars so you can take the goodness of fermentation with you, wherever you go!

Plus all of Genuine Health’s fermented formulas are also 100% gluten-free, soy-free and made with non-GMO ingredients, and tested for purity and potency to guarantee effectiveness!

fermented whole body NUTRITION with greens+ and fermented vegan proteins+ are a part of your everyday in fuelling and protecting your body – while enabling the body to better nourish itself – for lasting, and genuine health!
Genuine Health

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