5 Healthy Snacks You Can Bring to Work

5 Healthy Snacks You Can Bring to Work
With the summer holidays almost behind us (how time flies!), I find that September is when I’m craving a bit of routine again. In the summer I tend to let things slide, eat out a bit more and kind of go with the flow. For many people, work also tends to pick up again in the early fall, you likely feel more rejuvenated and ready for a little organization to make the most of this time of year.

In light of this, today I’m sharing 5 healthy snacks you can bring to work, or to school if you have kids. What you choose to snack on can make or break your energy throughout the afternoon, not to mention impact your sugar cravings! These snacks are all great for balancing your blood sugar, which is key for managing cravings and sliding right through the afternoon slump.


Savoury Trail Mix

Perfect for salty cravings and so you can skip all the added sugar in typical store-bought trail mix.
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Low Sugar Energy Bites

If you have a food processor, energy bites are one of the easiest snacks you can make. They’re also great for getting the kids involved! I included these ones because they are lower in sugar than many recipes you will find online.
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Carrot Apple Ginger Muffins

Did you know that most muffins have more sugar in them than a piece of cake?! These ones are so nutritious, and full of fiber, which slows the release of sugar into your bloodstream to give you more steady energy.
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Genuine Health Bars

While homemade snacks are great, some weeks you just don’t have the time to bring something from home. I like to keep a couple of Genuine Health fermented vegan proteins+ bars in my purse for when I’m in a hurry. The combination of protein and fats helps to balance your blood sugar and keep you more satiated. The sugar content is also lower than the protein content, which is something I look for in a store-bought bar. I love the lemon coconut and double chocolate chip flavours because they are just the right level of sweet.
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Sugar-free Protein Brownies

This combination of fiber, fats and protein is the tastiest way to squash those 3pm cravings!
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Mandy King, Holistic Nutritionist
Mandy King, Holistic Nutritionist

Mandy King is a Holistic Nutritionist, and the founder of HEAL (Healthy Eating And Living). She works with health conscious people who want to increase their energy, fix their digestion and lose weight, once and for all.

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